Kim's Background

Kim has been playing the Celtic Harp since 2009, when she heard the instrument for the first time at a Shakespeare festival.  It was love at first sight (or rather, hear)! She immediately bought a "starter" Celtic harp and began her harp journey.  

Since then, Kim traded in her first harp for the professional quality one she plays now- a Dusty Strings 36 string lever harp made of Bubinga wood.  Its sound is mellow and full and resonates the music beautifully.

Kim has played professionally at weddings, restaurants, art galleries, events and private parties since 2012, and in 2015, won the award for "Best Performance of the Day" at the harp competition at the Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kim was classically trained on the piano as a child, playing both solo and ensemble, and while she still dabbles on the piano, harp is her true calling.